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Opproval - Order Approval by Customer for WooCommerce

Give priority to the customers and get happy customers in reaturn


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What problem does Opproval solve?

Imagine the current workflow of WooCommerce where the admin is the only one who can change the order status to completed. The customers don’t have the option to approve order/product delivery from their end.

So, the admins can’t verify if the product has been received by the customer or not. Also when a customer will see the order marked as Completed even though he/she has not received it, it will be a disaster for the trust of your BRAND. And this is where this plugin comes into play.

How do we solve it?

At first, you will ship the product after an order has been placed. Then you will need to select the order status as
Delivered. When the admin marks it as delivered, the customer will see a button named “Mark as Received” in the actions section on the My Accounts -> Orders page.

Once the customer has received the product, he/she will just need to click on the “Mark as Received” button and the order status will be automatically marked as Completed upon the click.

Is it worth it?

Totally!!! On top of that, it’s completely FREE!

Customer satisfaction should be the main priority when selling online. If you don’t have this plugin on your WooCommerce website and mark the order as completed from the admin’s side, the customers will feel as if you have force completed the order even though they may have not received the product. And it will surely affect in your business.

On the other hand, when you use this plugin and give the customers the ability to mark the product as received/completed, they will feel more empowered and will know that you value the seamless delivery of products. Thus, it will help you create a happy customer base.


Know what features are available in this plugin

Delivery Status

Opproval adds custom Delivery Status to WooCommerce and enables you to mark products as Delivered from the admin panel

Frontend Order Completion

Opproval lets customers mark their orders as completed after receiving the products. This makes sure they got the product without any problem.

Automatic Style Adapt

This plugin uses default theme styles so that the feature gets integrated into your website without any further configuration.

Free Support

Our support team is always available to answer any of your questions and to help you with any issues. Just create a support ticket on WordPress support page